How to Address Men in a Room

look at these guys|look at these guys

How to Address Men in a Room


Whoa, Look at these guys. They ain’t so bad! If you think that they’re bad, just wait until you see their smiles. They’re actually pretty hot. And it’s not even their first date! What makes them even better? They don’t even have to wear sexy clothes.

You guys

If you’re wondering how to properly address men in a room, don’t use terms like „look at these guys“ and „look at these girls.“ Both terms have a long history and a long list of gendered connotations. One of the biggest problems with using terms like guys or you guys is that they exclude some people and create discomfort for others. Instead, you can use more neutral terms like „y’all“ or „all of you.“

If you have a man friend who is a man, you can use the word dude to refer to him informally. This can be used to refer to men in general, though it is more common to refer to specific males. Sammy is an example of a man who uses the word dude.

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