Using ePaper Library


Using ePaper Library


You may be wondering what ePaper Library is all about, and what can you do with it. In this article, I’ll quickly review what this software can do for you and answer your questions. To make the process more convenient for you, I’ve provided links to several ePaper Library examples. If you want to install them manually, you can do so from two sources: the epaperlibrary website and the epd.h library.

You can display images on an e-Paper device by uploading them to the ePaper library’s e-paper library. You can find an example of this in the File>Examples menu. After downloading the software, you’ll need to upload the image to the device. Note that the default screen size is 2.7 inches. You may need to adjust this setting to fit the ePaper screen size. The lattice data used to display the image is resized to adjust the image’s size.

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