Ashe County Archives

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Ashe County Archives


The Historical Records Survey of the Works Progress Administration inventoried the county’s records in 1938. It also helped with a microfilming program, although the program was not fully resumed until ten years later. The county’s archives have over four thousand reels of microfilm and more than two thousand volumes in the county’s collections.

The Arrangement and Description Unit staff continue to appraise and transfer records from counties. They also add reading copies of microfilm to the Search Room. The guide was created in collaboration with a team of staff and volunteers. Its author, Kenrick N. Simpson, worked closely with original records and the county card catalogue to ensure accuracy. He also provided oversight and standardized call numbers.

Ashe County has a history of fire. A fire destroyed the original courthouse in 1865, destroying many court records. Since then, the county has built a new courthouse. The county is home to several museums and historical sites. It is a popular tourist destination for outdoor enthusiasts, and the county’s courthouse serves as an ideal location for outdoor activities.

Those interested in local history will find a wealth of information in the county’s archives. These include the records of the Superior Court, the Civil Action Papers, and the County Board of Education. You can also find the Record of Corporations, Partnerships, and Dissolutions and Agreements. They are a great place to start a genealogy project.

The Miscellaneous Records section contains records from 1786 to 1928. The Record of Lunacy covers three reels. Other records include Alien Registration, Records of Assignees and Receivers, and Tax Scrolls. If you need more information, you should contact the Registrar of Archives and Records Section.

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